BB 11: Nov 20 - Vikas is truly the mastermind


If outside the house it's Monday blues for us inside it's nothing less then a hot furnace for housemates, as you know that Monday is the day that brings nominations.

The day starts with housemates dancing to the tunes of "Mungda mein gur ki Dali". Priyank was missing Ben and was seen crying alone when Hina comes to the garden and consoles him. She asks him to join everybody inside.

Vikas then reads out the nominations process for the rest of the housemates. There is safe lounge created for housemates. Initially, four people will be sent in the lounge and they will have to sit there until the buzzer goes and then they have to keep shuffling with the remaining housemates who they want to save.

Bandgi pitches for Puneesh in front of Vikas and Hiten, whereas Vikas' plan is simple and that is to keep Luv away from the safe zone.

Vikas, Hiten, Arshi, and Hina are the first ones to enter the lounge. Vikas starts plotting his move as soon as they get in the lounge. Vikas says that Hiten and he will stay and also convinces Hina to be on his side. Hina says she does not trust anybody. Hina argues and asks Hiten to stand for himself and Hiten backs Vikas.

Vikas tells Hina that she can actually send one of their friends inside and they can decide the next move accordingly. As the buzzer goes the trio sidelines Hina and she is forced to leave.

Hina saves Priyank. As Priaynk enters he tells Hina not to trust him which actually is a part of their plan.

Hina takes Sapna in confidence and as they plan their next move they discuss Hiten. Hina says he is shocked by Hiten's behavior and Sapna says she is slowly losing her respect for Hiten.

Vikas and Priyank also get at loggerheads with each other over nominations.

The buzzer goes off again and Priaynk comes out and sends Sapna inside as per the plan. Priyank, Hina, and Luv discuss the next strategy again. As the buzzer goes, Sapna comes out and sends Hina.

Arshi, Vikas and Hiten refuse to step out. Shilpa and Vikas discuss the possibility of sending someone else. Vikas and Shilpa talk about who deserves to be in the safe zone.

Vikas' motive is clear and that is to save himself, Arshi, and Hiten. While Hina and others plan their strategy, Vikas has already prepared a counter strategy for Hina. As the buzzer goes Hina comes out and saves Priaynk. Hina asks Hiten about his problem with Luv. Vikas says that he knows that Luv will save Hina at any cost.

This time Priyank says he wants to save himself and refuse to come out which irks Hina as it will affect her game. Priyank, Sapna, and Hina discuss their next move. As the buzzer goes, Priyank comes-out and sends Sapna inside. Sapna taunts Vikas that he is a sheep in the skin of a wolf.

At the next Buzzer, Sapna comes out and sends Luv inside.  Arshi and Hiten praise Sapna to keep her promise. Arshi taunts Hina to break her promise. Bandgi taunts Sapna and they get into an ugly war of words. Bandgi gets aggressive while arguing and Hina intervenes.

Akash instigates Sapna to fight with Shilpa and Sapna who had already lost her cool gets carried away. The girls get into an argument. Sapna shouts at Shilpa and as the gang gets aggressive Akash takes a stand for Sapna.

Akash and Puneesh are nominated this week. Bigg Boss asks Akash if he would like to use his immunity shield and he replies yes. Bigg Boss gives a special power to Bandgi to save one and without wasting a minute she saves her boyfriend Puneesh. Housemates laugh.

Finally, Hina, Priyank, Shilpa Shinde, Sapna get nominated for this week.

Hiten and Vikas discuss the task. Arshi and Shilpa talk about Sapna and Arshi say she will make Sapna cry for what she did earlier. The housemates feel that Hina is now using Sapna and firing from her shoulder. Sapna says he regrets calling Puneesh her brother at some point of time.

Housemates think that Sapna will get eliminated this week? What do you think, leave a comment in the box below...