BB 11: Nov 15 - Nominations test friendship in the house


Nominations continued in the Bigg Boss 11 house. But before that, the day began with a heated argument between Hiten and Akash. Hiten was upset with Akash for being thankless about sacrificing his family picture to save him. The usually calm and composed Hiten did not mince his words while giving the wannabe rapper a piece of his mind and a warning to behave himself. Not just Akash but even Arshi was on his receiving end today as Hiten gives a stern warning to Arshi to stay in her limits.

Not just Hiten but even Bigg Boss was upset with Luv and Hina for disrespecting the rules. Bigg Boss gives them a strict warning and nominate Hina.

Lovebirds Puneesh and Bandgi seem to have no regards for Salman’s word of keeping their hands off each other. The two locked themselves in the bathroom and the camera panned to a condom advertisement. Will they have to pay the price for this, just like ex contestants Diandra Soares and Gautam Gulati?

The next morning nominations continued in the house and Shilpa Shinde was on the nominations seat. Bigg Boss said that she can save herself only if Vikas destroys his favourite Lost Boys jacket. For the background “Lost Boys” was a production company started by Vikas and it was a customised jacket. Much to everyone’s surprise Vikas not just agreed to destroy his jacket but also asked Shilpa to promise him that she will work with him once they are out of the house. Shilpa was moved by his gesture and as she breaks down he says 'love you' to Vikas.

Next was Arshi’s turn and she had to ask Shilpa the Diwali gift sent by her brother. Shilpa too readily agrees and Arshi is safe.

Next was Puneesh and Bigg Boss asks him that he can be saved If Bandgi sacrifices all her clothes. She could only keep one apart from the one she was wearing. Puneesh finds this unfair but Bandgi gives away her clothes. Puneesh is safe.

Next was Bandgi’s turn and she had to ask Akash to shave off his head. Bandgi was a little skeptical if Akash would do that for her, considering their history, so was Puneesh and he tried convincing Akash to save Bandgi at the cost of his hair. Surprisingly, Akash agreed and saved Bandgi. He joked that had Bandgi not fallen in love with Puneesh, he wouldn’t have to shave his head.

After Akash, it was Luv’s turn and Hina was asked  to sacrifice her favourite soft toy. Now, when Hina is involved we should be prepared for some drama, which happened. Hina cried her eyes out and Shilpa and Arshi poke fun at Hina getting emotional over a mere soft toy. Luv is safe.

Next was Vikas and he had to ask Arshi to give away all her night dresses. Arshi too saves Vikas by following the orders.

Sapna was the last to get on to the nomination chair. Sapna had to ask Puneesh to wear her clothes “Salwar Kameez” till coming Sunday. While on one hand Puneesh was thinking of saving Sapna, Bandgi tries her level best to convince Puneesh to not do it. Hina also tries to explain Puneesh that it is not a big deal as many actors do it. She even gives the example of Ali Asgar and other actors on The Kapil Sharma Show but Bandgi says that they are characters on a show and Puneesh is a real person.

Vikas also tries to convince him but Puneesh asks him that would he accompany him. Though Vikas says a yes, he later says that he will think about it. However, Puneesh disagrees and Sapna gets nominated. If you look at this particular move closely, Bandgi did this quiet on purpose, as she did not get along with Sapna. Wearing a salwar kameez is no big deal if you have to save a friend. We need to give to Bandgi when it comes to influencing Puneesh.

Finally Sapna, Benafsha and Hina are nominated.

Later in the night, Puneesh and Bandgi make fun of Priaynk and Benafsha sleeping on the same bed. Puneesh wakes up Hiten and shows him the same.

Nominations might be over, but tomorrow there will be new fight in the house over captaincy. Let’s see where this one goes.