BB 11: Oct 24 - Bigg house turns into a jungle and housemates officially turn junglee!


I think this was one angle that was left to explore in the Bigg Boss house and that is, horror.

We might be living in the era where we are exploring the possibility of self driven cars but some beliefs in our society refuse to part ways with our thinking. Talking about “Jin & Jinnads” and they possessing people.

So the show today began with some thing eerie. Mehjabeen suddenly started acting strange and freaked out the housemates. She started staring into something blank and everyone woke up. After she was calmed down and put to bed, Akash and Arshi started poking fun at her and Akash irritated her by calling her Mehjabeen aunty.

Next day Bigg Boss announced the “Luxury Task”. During the task the garden area of the house was turned into a jungle and the housemates were asked to take refuge in the jungle. A huge cave opening was built around the entrance of the house. Bigg Boss will announce “Khulja Sim Sim” and the doors would open and one of the contestants from any team will enter the house.

The house was divided in two teams. Team Red and Team Blue. Team Red comprised of Hiten, Pooja, Hina, Mehjabeen, Shilpa, Ben, and Sabhyasachi. Team Blue had Jyoti, Puneesh, Bandgi, Vikas, Arshi, Sapna and Akash. Luv Tyagi was made the “sanchalak” of the task. He was given the right to choose the team he wants to support. At the end of the game the team with maximum survivors in the jungle will win the task. The next captain of the house will be chosen from the team that wins the task.

As the task began Akash got into an aggressive mode and was heard saying “jeena haram kardenge”. From pouring water on them and to their belongings, Akash left no stone unturned in making survival difficult for the enemy team.

Akash got so aggressive that Bigg Boss had to intervene and tell Luv that he had the power to send anybody in the house if they are caught breaking rules.

Hina and Akash got into a rough fight during the task. From war of getting words to accusing each other of physical, they tried hard to make each other’s life harder.

Hina did not just have a fight with Akash but also Bandgi. Bandgi accused Hina of getting physical during the task and Hina accused Bandgi of abusing her. Hina even made a comment where she said that Bandgi should be ashamed of showing this side to her father. Bandgi who we rarely see fight got mad at Hina and warned her to not drag her family into this. In my opinion Hina went a little too far this time. After all it was task for survival of the fittest where mud, cowdung and other things were involved in attacking. Things were ought to get dirty. Hina clearly has low tolerance to a lot of things and she can really go to any extend to prove her point. I mean if she is so fair about things then why was this “ Miss Right” poking fun at Pooja having lice. She got trolled for it.

Puneesh who supports Bandgi blindly had a spat with Hina and told her that she is here to loose her celebrity status. At the end Hina was seen crying on Hiten’s shoulder.

Talking of Hiten the guy whom we did not even see aggressive till date took Akash head on when the later was targeting him. It turned into a win win situation for both of them, task complete with no hard feelings .Well played Mr Tejwani! Hope “Miss Right” takes some cues from this.

After Arshi and Akash pour water on Shilpa when she was quietly lying down, Shilpa attacked Jyoti with mud and vice versa.

When the whole day passed by and no one entered the house, Bigg Boss gave Mehjabeen a chance to get the Diwali gift her family had sent. But for that she will have to enter the house, which means one down from her team. Arshi tried influencing Mehjabeen to get in and grab the opportunity. Arshi said that she too would enter the house if Mehjabeen does. However Mehjabeen acted strong and did not give in to the temptation.

In the end Akash, Arshi and team were seen brainwashing Pooja to get back in the house.

The precap showed Pooja breaking down! What caused her the breakdown, let’s find out tomorrow.