BB11: Ep 15 - Vikas’s team take their revenge from Puneesh and gang


Pinch me if it’s Diwali! I am asking because the last I knew even enemies hugged and blew kisses in the air in Diwali, but nothing of this sort happened in today’s episode of Bigg Boss 11, except for between Shilpa and Vikas. Yes, you heard it right and just like you I am also wondering what is happening between these two.

Yesterday also Vikas was seen kissing Shilpa and even today in the Kaalkothari he kissed Shilpa’s hand. Is something brewing between the two? Let’s just wait and watch.

After all the love comes the fight. People are just fighting left right and centre over anything and everything. It was Luv versus Akash and Puneesh when Mehjabeen took Luv away.

Vikas other hand was still hungover on events from yesterday. Though he was not an active part of today’s luxury budget task he was constantly planning against the rival team. Vikas collected some live insects to shoo the members of the rival team from the bar.

Hina was seen instructing the team members of the strategy they will use to make them loose. Vikas’ team yesterday had managed to stick in the game for 2 hrs 27 mins, to win the task Puneeshs’ team had to stay for longer than that.

Jyoti and Arshi were anyway not interested in making Puneesh win so they were in the game just for the sake of it. Bandgi too couldn’t stand the pressure for long. There was a lot of expectations from Luv for obvious reasons but they went down the drain. Akash was next to loose and finally, Puneesh was the only one left on the stand. All the six members of Hina’s team started attacking Puneesh from all centers and though he tried his level best to be rocksteady he couldn’t hold for too long. In 28 mins the rival team was over and out.

Bigg Boss then asked housemates to suggest names of two worst performers from Puneesh’s team. The people unanimously voted for Arshi and Jyoti.

So finally Arshi and Jyoti join Vikas in Kaalkothari. While they are enjoying their stay in jail, Bigg Boss sends some sweets home on the occasion of Diwali. The housemates share it the people in the Kaalkothari too.

In the evening when everyone inside of busy playing Dumsharats Vikas comes up with an idea of breaking from the jail and sneaking into the house to steal sweets. Arshi and Jyoti follow Vikas in the house when Sabhyasachi sees them and they run inside the Kaalkothari. Bigg Boss also seemed upset with this and intervenes.

The housemates give the trio a piece of their mind and make it clear that it was not at all funny to break the rule and that someone could have gotten hurt. Hina and Arshi were at loggerheads again and Hina claimed that Arshi abused her.

Vikas was crying and Jyoti made a passing remark on it and Vikas warned her to be in her limits. Puneesh and Akash were heard bitching about Luv’s incapability to perform. Vikas was seen brainwashing Bandgi against Puneesh.

On the sweeter side, Sabhyasachi baked some sweets for Diwali which everyone relished.

Tomorrow will be an emotional day for the housemates as Bigg Boss has a special surprise for them. So we hope we don’t hear firecrackers in the house.

Hope you guys are having a peaceful Diwali out there. Here’s wishing you a good one.