BB 11: Ep 14 - Vikas removed from captaincy and Puneesh takes over


The game gets dirtier and messier in the Bigg Boss 11 house. The show began with a major showdown between Ben and Akash. Akash who is nominated this week seems to have suddenly woken up and smelled the coffee. Suddenly he has been taking a lot of interest in household work. Ben and Akash have a verbal spat and Ben was seen brooming the house for quite some time and teasing Akash by calling him sir and asking him if it is looking clean.

Vikas was seen speaking at length with Shilpa about their past. He also told her that he has always been a fan of her work and whatever happened was unfortunate. When Shilpa walked away he went behind her and hugged her.

Soon Bigg Boss announced the luxury task, “Jo mood gaya woh udd gaya”. The garden area was turned into a junkyard and the house was divided into two teams. One belonging to Vikas and the other to Puneesh.

Vikas’ team had, Hina, Hiten, Mehjabeen, Sapna, Sabhyasachi, Ben. The rest were in Puneesh's team. Vikas’ team had to place their chin on the stand and people from the other team had to trouble them so that they can remove their chin.

Puneet's teammates got as dirty as possible by shoving ice cubes in people’s clothes, by throwing all sorts of other things like fodder and insects to make them loose.  There were a lot of fights during the task. Vikas complain of his eyes getting hurt with the fodder and there came a point when he was seen crying and howling in pain. It came to a point where he lost his cool and was seen hitting Puneesh. He later confessed that he thought he was hitting Luv. Vikas was attended by a doctor and was seen with a bandage on his eye for the entire task. Puneesh and team purposely targeted Vikas and Ben in a ruthless way because of the fights they have been having.

Prior to the game, Bandgi told Puneesh to stay out people’s matter as Vikas said he will nominate Puneesh for the same. Puneesh had a war of words with Vikas over this. Therefore Puneesh targeting Vikas and Akash targeting Ben was quite obvious. Sapna was next and even when Vikas gave her a chance to quit she refused and chose to fight. Sabyasachi and Hiten couldn’t fight for too long. Hina, on the other hand, pushed herself beyond her limits and was the last one to break down. Mehjabeen was also seen yelling and crying in pain with the other team's tactics.

At the end of the task Bigg Boss gathered the housemates together and announced that whatever happened between Puneesh and Vikas, it was Vikas who was wrong and had broken the rule by getting into a physical fight. Bigg Boss asked Vikas to step down as the captain and even sent him to “kaalkhotari”. In fact, in a very surprising announcement, he said that till the time Vikas stays in the house he can never participate in the captaincy task which, also means that there will be no immunity for him anymore.

Bigg Boss announced that Puneesh is the new captain of the house and that he will lock Vikas in the “kaalkhotari”. Akash and Puneesh were seen celebrating the moment as it was a perfect revenge for them.

How will Vikas’s team attack the other team tomorrow? Will they use the same tactics they cried foul about to win the task?, Well let’s wait & watch.