BB11: Ep 11- Hina Khan Body Shames Shilpa Shinde


Just two days before Arshi got into trouble for calling Sapna a "nachnewali" and today we heard Hina body shaming Shilpa Shinde in an argument. Hina Khan, take it from an ardent Bigg Boss follower, you have stooped the show to a whole new level girl! Something we did not expect from someone like you. This is not the first time when Hina has sent a wrong message to the mass, day before yesterday she was seen calling Vikas a bisexual. Hina Khan basically has never taken a stand for anyone and Salman too clearly pointed that out to her earlier.

Hina who made up with Arshi earlier, and had her own share of fights with Shilpa has changed her colors and like how.

Hina's fight with Vikas continued on day two of his captaincy. Hina who refused to obey the captain's instructions was bound to be chosen for Kaalkothari, but being what she is, Hina quickly blamed it on Arshi saying that it was she who influenced Vikas' decision. She was seen yelling in the house when she had no point to make. Hina's game is very simple when she does not like anyone she makes it a point to provoke him and then cuts a picture of herself being the unnecessary target and influence others in the house to dislike that person.

In yesterdays episode Hina too made a comment on Vikas picking up Luicinda. She called him a kaamchor and accused him of making up a story about having a tennis elbow.

Vikas is no less, as of now his target is Hina and vice versa. He was seen telling Hina that in order to get Luv on her side she will start going to the gym. The new captain of the house seems to have no weight to his words when it came to assigning responsibilities to the team.

In yesterdays "Friday Ka Faisla" news anchor Saurav Sharma was joined by Sargun and Ex BB contestant Manu Punjabi. They threw some great insights on everyone. They called Hina a crybaby who uses tears as a weapon and said great things about Sapna and the way she is handling Arshi's uncouth behavior. Sargun said that she was upset with Hina for body shaming Shilpa on national television. They called Arshi, Vikas and Shilpa the fighter-cocks and predicted that Sapna, Hiten and Hina might be the top three finalists.

Finally, the time came when Bigg Boss asked Vikas to use his special power and nominate one person to go to the Kaalkothari. His obvious choice was Hina. Bigg Boss also gave a special power to the padosi and asked them to nominate one person, they opted for Arshi. For the third person, Bigg Boss asked the rest of the housemates to nominate one name. Sapna who was at loggerheads with Arshi for varied reasons volunteered.

The game got interesting when the trio entered kaalkothari as Arshi was seen provoking Sapna by calling her a keeda.

Sapna got back at Arshi by spaying the entire bottle of bug spray on her face. Arshi threw things around and as everybody from the house gathered to see what was happening as Hina stepped in to pacify the girls.

Interestingly during the discussion on Vikas' decision to send Hina to the kaalkothari, Shilpa was seen in sync with his decision. Are the old foes giving a fresh start to their relationship? Are they ready to burying their old differences? Well too early to say that when it involves both of them.

On the other hand, old friends Shilpa and Arshi were also seen fighting when Shilpa said that her choice for kaalkothari would be Arshi for her behavior to which Arshi called Shilpa "Pagal Aurat".

For the lighter moments of the show, Sabyasachi performing to the Madhuri Dixit's song "Maar Dala" was a treat to watch.

With people flouting rules, calling each other by names Salman's reaction to all of this tomorrow will be quiet interesting to watch.