BIGG BOSS SEASON 11 – EP 2: First nominations hit the house


I think, I totally qualify to train a contestant for playing the Bigg Boss game. No seriously; remember just yesterday I said that Vikas & Shilpa cannot drag their history for too long & I was proved right.The first nominations have hit the Bigg Boss house & going by my prediction most of the housemates sounded a bit irritated with Shilpa & Vikas constantly fighting on the same topic.

Just like always nominations were pretty interesting, while some used their brains & chose to nominate the popular & strong contestants, others chose to pick contestants for nomination on their personal grudges. Maximum people who nominated Hina Khan felt that her popularity was a threat to them. But what surprised me the most was that if people used the popularity logic then how come Hiten Tejwani did not even come close. In fact, no one nominated him, interesting isn't it!?

Hina's first choice for the nomination was Zuber & she based that on his crass & derogatory sense of humour to which I completely agree with but, Hina goofed up while making the second choice. Though Hina agreed that the fight between Vikas & Shilpa is quite annoying she by mistake nominated Vikas instead of Shilpa. She even asked Bigg Boss if she could change her decision. A piece of advice Hina - last year a similar confusion by Karan Mehra landed Lokesh in a soup.

Commoner Jyoti nominating Benafsha & Hina was also quite interesting to watch. Jyoti based Benafsha's nomination on giving her free ka gyabn & Hina for acting indifferent.

Jyoti too was not spared by the housemates in return as they accused her of being rude & disrespectful towards elders & seniors. Benafsha aka Ben did not leave a chance to get back at Jyoti & nominated her.

Shilpa got the maximum votes & was seen crying. So based on the votes from the housemates the four contestants who got nominated were; Hina, Jyoti, Shilpa & Zuber.

Now came the twist, Bigg Boss announced the special power that the padosis had. They were asked to save one contestant from the four nominated by housemates & nominate two. The padosis saved Hina & nominated Arshi Khan & Bandagi. They based Arshi's nomination on her inappropriate behaviour & language. For Bandgi, they said that though she entered with a promise she couldn't really prove herself.

So overall now the first five who stand in the line of getting evicted are Shilpa Shinde, Jyoti, Arshi Khan, Bandgi Kalra  & Zuber (the pervert).

Apart from nominations, there was also a major showdown that happened between Vikas & Akash aka A cash(for a change) & A cash & Priyank. Aakash was shown his place by Vikas.

Arshi seemed upset by the padosis for nominating her and made this pretty evident when Luv asked for tea & she refused.

Now, who will be the first contestant to get evicted or will there be no eviction? This is something we will know only on the weekend but, one thing is for sure that the evictions has alarmed a lot of people, either to up their game or change their strategy.

I am just hoping that the pervert goes. You know who I am hinting at.