Let's Talk: There were projects I could have done after Filhall 1 but the roles weren't upto the mark to make my Bollywood debut- Nupur Sanon


Nupur Sanon crooned her way into the hearts of netizens with her cover versions of popular Bollywood songs. Little did anyone knew she was Gen-Z star Kriti Sanon's younger sister. But she created waves when she made her musical debut alongside superstar Akshay Kumar in the song 'Filhaal' in 2019. The 'Filhall' girl made heads turn once again with the song's recently releases sequel 'Filhaal 2 Mohabbat '. In PeepingMoon.com's segment Let's Talk, Nupur spoke to us how music and not her sister Kriti landed her the opportunity to enter into Bollywood, why she is yet to make her film debut, being replaced from projects last minute, and why she finds comparison to her star sister 'petty'. Nupur shares her aspirations to make the cut in films on her own, auditioning her way through projects, pursuing music and the unplugged cover version on 'Filhaal 2' in her voice