Exclusive: People should find the strength to not remain slaves to money and power - Palash Sen opens up about ‘music mafias’


Musician Palash Sen, excited to be a part of MX Player's 'Times Of Music', in an exclusive interview with PeepingMoon, opened up about music mafias, outsiders vs insiders debate, nepotism, favoritism and why the music industry needs a change. He also talked about Sushant Singh Rajput's untimely death and said it is very sad to see young people taking such tragic steps. 

When asked about the 'music mafias', Palash said that people often become slaves to money and power in the industry. He added, "I was never a part of the film industry and I was never bothered about that. But the people who had work and were at the position of power must have spoken long back. If the people who were ruling the roost had spoken back then, it would have been different. Now that these people are not getting that kind of work, they are talking. Now also if you see all the articles, people who are ruling the roost right now are again not talking so this has been happening for generations and this will keep happening. Same shit again. It is important that people find their voice and people find their courage. People should find the strength to not remain slaves to money and power. Music is not about money and power, it is about the truth. Like I would love if Arijit Singh speaks up right now. It's not like it has not happened with them, it has happened with everyone but it's just that they don't want to mess things up for themselves by speaking up. This country doesn't have a music industry, it just has a film industry of which music is a part of. So, I am an outsider because I don't have an industry for music.''

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On nepotism, he said, "Nepostims will happen no matter what. It happens in every industry. And honestly, nepotism is not the problem. The problem is favoritism. The industry is like a clan. If you are not a part of the clan, you will not get work. You will be targetted so much that you will go into depression but if you are strong like Palash Sen, you will fight back. But if you are not strong enough then you will do something drastic."

On Sushant Singh Rajput's tragic demise, Palash said, "I am very surprised by his demise. He was an educated man but imagine how much he must have been dominated to take this step: It is very sad. That is why it is very important for us to keep the younger generation very strong."