The way you can’t do a Gabbar Singh again is exactly why you cannot remake iconic shows: Rajeev Khandelwal on why 'Kahin To Hoga' reboot will not be successful


Rajeev Khandelwal, during an exclusive conversation with, went down the memory lane to recall the elements that made his Kahin To Hoga character Sujal iconic.

The actor, like most of us, believes that none from the fresh bunch of talent can portray the intensity of the character like he did. Calling himself an immature actor during Kahin To Hoga, Rajeev said what worked for the role was his personality and looks. Reiterating the fact that some things are meant to happen without many efforts, Rajeev added that the magic that has been created in the past can't be repeated. "No nobody can pull off a Sujal. Who and how will the intensity be brought back? Somethings become iconic not just because you were at your best, but, they just fall in place. I was a very immature actor when Kahin To Hoga happened. What worked was the character suited my face and personality. Whatever I did, not because I was a talented actor, was believable. I would look at Aamna Sharif aka Kashish in a particular manner and people would assume it to be the intensity of love. You can never recreate something, whether it is iconic films or television shows. You can’t do a Gabbar Singh again. You can’t recreate Amitabh Bachchan again," Rajeev told.

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