Watch: Taher Shabbir, Akansha Ranjan and Gurfateh Singh Pirzada share their take on MeToo in conversation with PeepingMoon for their Netflix film 'Guilty'


Netflix and Karan Johar are back with a riveting and strong tale about the horrors of sexual assault with Ruchi Narain's Guilty. Starring Kiara Advani, Akansha Ranjan Kapoor, Taher Shabbir and Gurfateh Pirzada in the lead roles, the film has been hitting the right tones since its release. Within just three days, Guilty is trending on the first position on Netflix. Now, as the audience remain glued to their screens, Akansha, Gurfateh and Taher spoke about the film in an exclusive conversation with

Akansha plays the role of Tanu Kumar, a rape victim while Taher is the lawyer who is defending Gurfateh-the rape accused. Talking about an important topic like MeToo and sexual assault, the trio shared their take on the heinous crime. 


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Guilty is backed by Karan's Dharma Productions and is written by Ruchi, Atika Chohan and Kanika Dhillion. The film is streaming on Netflix from March 6, 2020.