'I want to be that storyteller who feels something and expresses it without fear,' says Chef Vikas Khanna on 'The Last Color'


Renowned Michelin star celebrity chef Vikas Khanna, after wowing all with his culinary skills, resorted to filmmaking with The Last Color. Starring Neena Gupta in the lead role, the film revolved around the age-old tradition of not allowing widows in Vrindavan to play Holi. Now, after receiving several accolades and appreciation for portraying the topic beautifully, the feature film has found its place in the list of 344 films that are eligible to win the Best Picture 2019 award.

Elated about the finding a place in the list, Vikas got candid with Mark Manuel in an exclusive interview for PeepingMoon.


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Speaking about The Last Color, it is set in the cultural and ancient city of Varanasi. Neena plays the role of a 70-year-old widow named Noor who established a special bond with a 9-year-old girl Chhoti. Chhoti(Aqsa Siddiqui) is a homeless girl with aspirations of going to school and makes the ends meet by performing stunts like tight-rope walking and also sells flowers. The film is adapted from Vikas' book which he wrote a couple of years ago. 

(Source: PeepingMoon)