There is no way I will accept her: Hurt BF Dennis Nagpal lashes out at Bandgi


Like every year, this season too of the widely watched reality show, Bigg Boss 11 is not short of fireworks. Be it the hate-love relationship between Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde or the wild romance between Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra, the show has been making news and how!

Even though Bandgi’s romance has been providing non-stop fodder for the media, it has also upset her real-life boyfriend Dennis Nagpal, who is in no mood to take her back in his life.

Peeping spoke to the distressed Dennis, as he poured his heart out…

The whole world cannot stop talking about the brewing romance between Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra. What’s your take on the same? Is their romance for real or are they faking it for the sake of the cameras?

Initially, Bandgi had said that it was Puneesh who had told her to fake their romance for the camera, as that was the only way for them to stay in the house for a longer time. Also, Bandgi knew that she had nothing to offer to the show. That’s why she became party to the so-called romance. But since then, they both hooked up and got real. They are physically into each other!

So, what started off as a ‘reel’ romance ended up in a ‘real’ romance?

Definitely, that’s the way it is!

Did Bandgi meet Puneesh for the first time on the show or did she know him previously?

She knew him even before the show. They had met during my birthday party. But she did not know that he had auditioned for the show, and neither did he know about her coming on the show.

Why do you think that the romance between them is for real?

Actually, Bandgi had spoken to someone stating that whatever is happening between her and Puneesh is for real and that there is nothing fake about it. What I feel is she should really have thought about her image, about me, my family and even her family. She just did not think about any of these aspects. She wanted to get into this industry as she wants to become an actress. Considering the fact that she got such a big platform (‘Bigg Boss’), she could have used it very constructively and positively. But then, she f***ed it up! I know that she is not aware of what is happening outside.

Considering what is happening between Bandgi and Puneesh, do you still watch the show?

To be very honest, I avoid watching the show right now. I have not been following the show since about a week.

In case Bandgi goes on to win the show, would you call her up to congratulate her?

Whether she wins the show or not, I will never ever contact her. At least, I will not contact her on my own. And in case she tries to contact me, I will definitely ask for an explanation for all this. I need to know the reason why she did all this to me when there were no problems in our relationship. Even at the last minute, she made a video call to me. She shared the passwords of her social media accounts for me to manage. Why would she do that if she had so many issues with me? I really do not know who influenced her that she went on to call me the worst person that she had ever met in her life!

How did you react when you heard her telling Salman that her boyfriend wanted to 'share' her?

It was shocking. What had happened was, when Priyank went back inside the house, he spoke about me to her. And even to him, she said that I was the worst person that she had ever met. Ever since then, she went completely against Priyank. It was only after Priyank spoke about me, that the audience got to know that she has a boyfriend. On top of all that, she went on to claim that she is not an actress and stuff like that, when in fact she has trained at Anupam Kher's ‘An Actor Prepares’. She has also got her portfolio done for a whopping Rs.4 lakh!

There was this shocking bathroom stunt which Bandgi and Puneesh indulged in. It must have been really painful for you to watch…

Yes, I am trying to move on.

Has she or hasn’t she officially called it quits with you?

She does not know anything as of now (smiles).

Recently, there was news about her being thrown out of her real house. How far is that true?

Let me tell you what happened. We have a common friend in Mumbai with whom Bandgi was staying. After seeing the show, this guy was called by the society members and informed that Bandgi could not stay in the society anymore. When informed that Bandgi was inside the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, the society members relented and said that the moment she came out, she needed to pack her bags and leave. Bandgi’s image has been tarnished very badly. I really don't know what she is going to do about it as damage control.

In the future, if she comes back saying whatever she did was for the camera, will you accept her back in your life?

There is no way I will accept her. You can't just go and have sex with people on National TV and then come back to say ‘I love you’. I believe that, 99% she will not even come back! And even if she does, I will not speak to her. Meeting her does not even figure on my list! I have my own image to take care of.