'I was not the only woman beater in the house' - Zubair Khan


This time Salman Khan is no mood to show leniency towards the contestants in Bigg Boss 11. The first one to face his wrath was Zubair Khan, referred to as 'Nulla Don' by the actor. Zubair is now ousted from the show, thanks to his chauvinist and abusive behavior.

But the chapter didn't end there. He took offense to Salman’s grilling session on Weekend Ka Vaar episode and filed a complaint against the Bhaijaan where he mentioned that Sallu threatened him and said that he would not be able to work in the industry anymore. Zubair also claimed that the superstar has connections with Underworld!

Salman should not forget that he is just the host of the show and not God.

In an exclusive chat with PeepingMoon.com, Zubair spews venom against BB host Salman and how!Excerpts from the chat:

1) Salman was livid at you during the weekend episode. In the past, we have seen contestants like Sky, Pooja Bedi, Priyanka Jagga, Swami Om whose careers were ruined after taking panga with Salman on the show. Aren't you scared?

You are scared when you are wrong. I stood up against what was wrong. Plus Salman should not forget that he is just the host of the show and not God. It's an open challenge to him to try and ruin my career. I have been into the industry for 20 years and worked at places like Balaji Productions and Red Chilies. Shah Rukh Khan is warmer than Salman. He treats everyone equally. Moreover, I was running a successful production house before I entered Bigg Boss and had to shut everything.

2) But when you were on Salman's radar you never said anything?

Of course. I did but the channel did not air it because they couldn't afford to show the host getting insulted! In fact, when I filled the form for Bigg Boss I mentioned that Salman is a sadist. Despite that, I managed an entry in the show. What Salman did was for TRPs. What I did was family. My kids have Salman's poster and they love him. I went to win my kids back.

3) Would you ever think of returning to the game as a wild card?

Why not!? If the channel and Salman apologize, I would consider entering as a wild card.

Zubair alleges that eight days prior to the show when the contestants were put up in a hotel, the makers told them to use abuses and insults. 'I am not wrong the show runs on that format!' He continues his rant by accusing Salman of having underworld connections. "Unhe underworld se call aaya tha mujhe Bigg Boss se nikaalne ke liye. We all know who funds his movies. Who is Salman to paint my picture as a woman basher as he himself in the past has raised hands on an actress he was dating! I was also there when he went to hit SRK at Katrina Kaif's party. People know about this. He has maligned my image. But 'Zuber Khan naa marne se darta hai naa marne se!'


Errr... Salman, any reactions to this, please!?