TVF’s maiden Kannada feature film ’Powder’ completes shoot

TVF (The Viral Fever) has been treating the audience with compelling content that has entertained the audience. The content creator has indeed made a distinct place in the hearts of the audience. They are the content players from India who have been able to get 7 shows in IMDb's top 250 list whereas in totality India has 10 web series in this list. Making TVF the biggest content force out of India. 2024 seems to be completely a year for TVF. While the TVF has delivered some amazing intriguing content to the masses, it has now broadened its wings by venturing into its maiden Kannada feature Film with 'Powder' which has now wrapped its shoot. 

TVF has truly got no stop. The content creators are constantly embarking on a new journey. Now, TVF has stepped into Kannada film with their next venture film 'Powder'. 


Moreover, with 'Powder', TVF indeed added yet another feather to its hat. While we have seen so much interesting content coming in from them, the excitement to watch 'Powder' is rising at a fever pitch. They already have an exciting lineup in 2024 with 16 shows. Especially with the next seasons of the most loved shows, Panchayat, Gullak, and Kota Factory, TVF is sure to set its rule in 2024. 

The way TVF left a mark on the minds of the audience with their highly engaging stories is phenomenal. Their shows brought interesting stories to the screens in a very entertaining manner that has left audiences impressed.