Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update, January 31, 2019: Kartik is shocked to see Keerti moving her feet


The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai begins with Manish and Naira taking the baby for a walk. She tells him that she felt bad for blaming the nurse for the baby disappearing. Manish says they are worried about Keerti. Naira says Keerti will recover soon just the way Naitik had recovered.
Naira and Manish play tongue twisters as the baby sleeps. Manish gets a call from his Suhasini who asks him to get the baby and Naira home soon. Suhasini picks up the baby and plays with him. Naira asks Kartik to get ready as she has to go for her checkup. Kartik tells the nurse that nobody should know that their baby was premature.
The nurse starts blackmailing Kartik and he thinks of revealing the truth to his family.
Kartik and Naira meet Naksh. Naira tells Naksh that Keerti will be fine soon. Kartik is worried for Keerti, Naira and the baby. Devyani and Bhabhimaa are busy discussing the baby's name. Naira is excited about keeping her baby's name.
The Goenkas and Singhanias host a naming ceremony for the newborn. Everyone is happy with Luv and Kush for the arrangements. Kartik is with his sister Keerti. He talks to her and confesses the truth about the babies. He asks her to wake up and sees Keerti's feet moving. He gets shocked and wonders whether he was hallucinating.