The 355 trailer: Jessica Chastain, Penelope Cruz, Diane Kruger, Lupita Nyong’o as international spies must unite to avert a potential World War III

Universal Pictures has released a new trailer for its upcoming spy thriller The 355 and announced its theatrical release date as well. The action film is fronted by a talented female cast that includes Jessica Chastain, Penelope Cruz, Diane Hruger, Lupita Nyong’o and Fan Bingbing as international spies who must cast aside their differences and work together to save the world from a potential World War III. The new trailer underlines the origin of the team’s name, along with the A-list actresses kicking ass and throwing some sass as well. The 355 releases in theatres on January 7, 2022. Sebastian Stan and Edgar Ramirez also star in the film.

The new trailer opens up with CIA agent Mason ‘Mace’ Brown (Jessica Chastain) explaining about the origin of 355 and how she was the first female secret agent to work in the CIA, stripped of her identity so that the records would not keep the memory of a woman having such an important position. She assembles a team comprising of German agent Marie (Diane Kruger), Colombian psychologist Graciela (Penelope Cruz), former MI6 ally Khadijah (Lupita Nyong’o) and Chinese spy Lin Mi Sheng (Fan Bingbing) as they must work together to bring down a group of mercenaries.

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The 355 is written, produced and directed by Simon Kinberg while Jessica is also a producer on the film along with Kelly Carmichael and Richard Hewitt, Esmond Ren, and Wang Rui Huan executive producing. The screenplay is also co-written by Theresa Rebeck. The film has had multiple delays owing to the coronavirus pandemic and finally would be hitting the screens on January 7, 2022.

(Source: YouTube)