‘Took a global pandemic and quarantine’ for a Marvel superfan to arrange every MCU scene in chronological order, Twitterati bowled over by his dedication


A Marvel superfan has made the most of the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown to list down every scene in the MCU in chronological order. The fan, Tony Goldmark, tweeted his accomplishment recently which has since then gone viral.

Tony took to Twitter and wrote, “Well nerds, I f**kin’ did it. Took me a global pandemic and a damn quarantine, but I did it. I figured out the precise chronological order of all the MCU movies (so far) BY SCENE. I’m out of my Goddamn mind. You’re welcome.”

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He shared a few caveats as well and wrote, “Obviously, this only covers the 23 MCU movies so far. No ABC or Netflix TV shows, no shorts, no deleted scenes. I only counted flashbacks when they could be easily isolated from their respective film’s ‘present.’” Check out his tweets below:

Tony’s tweet has gone viral and like 17,000 times with 294 retweets with some really fascinating comments from Twitterati. One netizen asked, “So the time travel parts of Endgame still go in the Endgame and not with the parts of the movies they were jumping into?” to which Tony replied, “VERY good question...it depends. Like Smart Hulk says, they’re not undoing the past, they’re creating an all-new timeline, so for the MOST part, the time travel scenes should be watched with the rest of Endgame...with a few scant exceptions.”

He further added, “My rule was, I could only back up the Endgame time travel scenes into their proper ‘time’ in non-redundant instances where a full scene, with a proper beginning, middle and end, was completely unaffected by the future Avengers’ time-heist shenanigans. So, basically only three scenes: The first 2014-era scene between Gamora, Nebula and Thanos, up to the moment where Nebula’s synapses start f**king up, The Avengers telling Hulk to take the stairs, Hulk yelling ‘SO MANY STAIRS!’”

There were a few naysayers as well. One person asked Tony, “Dude are you.....alright?”, to which he replied, “I’ve never been alright in my life and I don’t have to stand for such baseless allegations.” When another person asked Tony, “What did it cost you?” Tony replied with a GIF of Thanos saying, “Everything.”

Take a bow, Tony.

(Source: Twitter)