Claire Foy to return as Queen Elizabeth II for flashback scenes of 'The Crown Season 4'


Season three of The Crown, which is currently airing on Netflix, features Olivia Colman as a middle-aged Queen Elizabeth II. She takes over the royal duties from Claire Foy, who portrayed the younger Queen over the first two seasons. Well, fans who were disappointed to see Olivia stepping in Claire's shoes now have a reason to rejoice as we hear that Claire will make an appearance in Season 4 of The Crown.

According to a Hollywood portal, Claire will be back in some flashback scenes of Season 4 as the show is reportedly recreating the monarch's 21st birthday speech, which took place during a commonwealth tour of South Africa in 1947. What's more? Claire has already shot for her scenes. "Foy has just finished up an on-stage reunion with Crown co-star Matt Smith at the Old Vic in Lungs," the report stated.  

Well, we are certainly looking forward to this one. Not to forget, Claire had also won an Emmy in 2018 for playing the British monarch.

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Meanwhile, The Crown Season 3 focuses on the Wilson era - the 1964-1970 and 1974-1976 terms of Prime Minister Howard Wilson - and the fourth season will revolve around former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana, as per reports.

(Source: Digital Spy)