‘I find chasing it is actually a disservice to the story’, says Brad Pitt on abstaining from Oscar campaigning for his films ’OUTH' and ‘Ad Astra’


Brad Pitt is having a great year when it comes to films thanks to two Oscar-contending films- Quentin Tarantino’s ninth directorial Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and James Gray’s ad Astra. In the former, he shares screen space with Leonardo DiCaprio and portrays his stuntman in the film. However, his performance as astronaut Roy McBride in Ad Astra is now being hailed as the best performance of his career and is touted to garner an Oscar nomination.

However, it looks like the actor is going to abstain from Oscar campaigning. While talking to an international portal, Pitt said, “Oh, man. I’m gonna abstain. I mean, you never know, and it’s really nice when your number comes up." Explaining further about his reasons, he said, “But the goal is for the film to land, to speak to someone whether it’s now or a decade from now. I find chasing it actually a disservice to the purity of your telling a story and a shackling thing to focus on."

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Pitt has earned Oscar nominations previously as well, for 12 Monkeys (1996), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2009) and Moneyball (2012). Ad Astra is slated to release in the US on September 20, 2019.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)