Watch: The Stranger Things season 3 trailer is here and there's a shocking new villain you might already know!


The Mindflayer is back and he is pissed. The trailer for Stranger Things season 3 is out and it is all things dark, gory and creepy! It showcases our band of local heroes, teens like Eleven, Mike, Dustin and adults, battle it out against the scary Mindflayer who is back with a vengeance. 

The terrible tentacled entity last seen hovering over Hawkins Middle School in the Upside Down, is apparently alive and well and prepared to lay waste to the whole town, and perhaps more. The Mindflayer appears to be revealing that the creatures from the Upside Down to an on destroying them and their families, and then, “everyone.” There is also a shocking new villain in the form of Max's older brother Billy who acts as a vessel for the monster. 


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The trailer also foreshadows the imminent danger facing Eleven and the gang of boys. There's also the promise of a classic and deadly Eleven versus Mindflayer shadow! There's also the mall and arcade store which seem to play an important role in the plot. 

Cue lots more of what we’ve come to expect from Stranger Things by now: kids battling evil, led by a powerful Eleven sporting a nosebleed and using her version of the Force; concerned but caring parents ready to fight alongside them (we’re including babysitter Steve in this group); and plenty of mysterious government officials, creepy politicians, and military operatives in full body protective gear, all ill-equipped to deal with the supernatural forces they’re facing.