Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Preiview: 'The dead are already here' and the war begins!


Game of Thrones Season 8 aired it's second today and needless to say, we're drowning in feels and fan theories! While we're still obsessing over the current episode, the makers dropped a teaser clip for the upcoming flank and we don't think we're ready for it! 

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The snippet reveals Greyworm and Brienne leading the army. Sansa and Tyrion watch the wights arrive while Jon and Danaerys talk about how the dead have arrived. The third episode will mark the beginning of the war and what's more, to come is an absolute mystery. 

The second episode marked a lot of moments. Brienne becoming a knight, Bran's confession about the White Walkers, Arya and Gendry making love to each other and Danaerys learning the truth about Jon's identity.

While there are still so many things left unsaid, we cannot help but be excited about the war and the drama that it will fetch. But we do have a few questions:

Where is the Night King? What will happen to Jon's claim to the Throne? Will Cersei keep her promise after all and join them in the war? Or will this Winter mark Winterfell's fall? Who will succeed? 

So many questions, only one solution. Stay tuned for what's more to come.  Catch the snippet here: