Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette may become a rich heiress as she is set to inherit £150 million following the designer’s death

If you think only Mr Filch from Harry Potter universe was besotted with his cat Mrs Norris then you’re highly mistaken because it looks like late designer Karl Lagerfeld had immense love for his cat Choupette. Reportedly, Choupette is set to inherit some of the fashion designer’s vast fortune following his death. The formidable fashion designer passed away in Paris at the age of 85 on Tuesday. He served as the creative director for Chanel for 30 long years. Although people lamented his passing, soon attention shifted to his cat that is a fashion icon too.

Apparently, Choupette has an Instagram account that boasts of 120,000 followers and has a popular blog as well. Both the Instagram account and the blog are managed by digital marketing expert Ashley Tschudin. According to a leading French daily, Choupette may inherit Lagerfeld’s vast multi-million-pound fortune under German law is she is nominated as his “heir”. Apparently, Lagerfeld himself had divulged the facts in an interview given in 2015. Talking about Choupette, he had said, “She has her own little fortune, she’s an heiress.”

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He had repeated the statement again in 2018 as well. However, he also said that there are bequests and other beneficiaries too who would be receiving a princely sum from his vast wealth. He had said, “Among others, yes, don’t worry, there is enough for everyone.” In fact, he had even lamented the fact that there is no marriage between humans and animals if there was he would have married Choupette.

It isn’t clear yet who will be taking care of Choupette now that the fashion designer is no more, but it is speculated that his male model muse Brad Kroenig and his son Hudson, to whom Lagerfeld was a godfather might have to step up. Apparently, it’s not uncommon for people to make provisions for their pets in their wills in the UK but there are certain rules and regulations involved. A pet cannot receive a cash gift but can have an estate made for them where the executors or trustees can hold money assigned to pets in a trust to be used for their well-being and upkeep. The money can be left via a cash gift to a trusted person who will look after the animal upon the owner’s death.