Not NickYanka, Priyanka prefers "PRICK" reveals Nick on The Jimmy Fallon Show


Singer and Priyanka Chopra's fiance Nick Jonas was recently present on the popular American chat show, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where he candidly revealed the inside details about his love affair. Priyanka and Nick, who have been seeing each other for five months now, officiated their relations in a Roka ceremony on August 18.

Post the ceremony, they shared the pictures on their Instagram handles and announced their love to the world. Since the Indian tradition was unknown to Jimmy, he asked about it and Nick happily explained, "We went to Mumbai, my parents came along and we did this beautiful Roka ceremony. Its a confirmation from both sides of the family that they approve of the engagement. There are beautiful prayers and it's a chance to connect, just for the family."

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"It was really incredible. We both left that ceremony so full of joy." Nick further added, "My parents by blown away with the love shared among all the people. It was really special. For her and I, it was nice to be able to have some time with family first in a private moment and then share it with the world afterwards."

Being the millennial that the 25-year-old Nick is, he was excited when they finally announced it on Instagram. He said, "It's funny that we had this spiritual moment and we felt so connected. And then we put it on Instagram we were like "oh my god! It's official!"

Later, talking about yet another picture from the Roka, Jimmy asked if "NP" was their logo and if they had a celebrity nickname. A shy Nick stumbled to find the right answer. Meanwhile, Jimmy quickly turned the question to Priyanka, who was present in the crowd. That's when Nick revealed, "She likes PRICK and I don't like that very much". Priyanka never fails to get the audiences' attention and this time too, she had the whole studio laughing out loud at her humour.

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