Marvel just dropped the Avengers Infinity War Trailer and we believe 'The end is near'

'Tell me his name again' ....!'The Mad Titan, Thanos has arrived to collect all six Infinity Stones and will stop at nothing.
The much-awaited second trailer for Marvel Avengers: Infinity Wars is finally out and our condition is just like Peter Parker in the first one.
The trailer begins with Gamora narrating the story of the Thanos – the only villain people are going gaga about. She says, “The entire time I knew him, he had only ever had one call… to wipe out half the universe if he gets all the infinity stones. He can do it with a snap of his fingers...just like that'' (Really though? It doesn’t take so long for that!)
Peter Parker jumping from bridges and running on the streets with just his mask on
THE Tony Stark is for once tensed and seems clueless,
Stephen Strange is running out of breath,
and the grand union that is here to win us over and over again every time we watch it – T’Challa and Captain America shake hands!
This is just the beginning. If you remember from the previous trailer, the King of Wakanda asks to ‘get this man a shield, and if that is not an emotional moment, we’re not sure what is. Oh also, Shuri gets a new suit! Maybe she’ll finally be fighting in reality (and not virtually – like in Black Panther).
Is it getting too serious too soon? Don’t worry. Welcome – the one and only in all the galaxies – Star-Lord. Also, welcome his humour. In the trailer we see him being completely and comfortably himself as he says, “Let’s talk about the plan. I think it good, except it sucks. So let me do the plan and that way it might just be good.”
Here drop another surprise – Tony Stark has a comeback and it is… “Wow”. Can you beat that! Tony Stark has no comeback better than that? That’s how we know it’s intense.
“The end is near!”
(Can we just say,they did it)
So they say, but we have the lord of Asgard, and the Black Widow, along with everyone else – IN THEIR NEW SUITS!
The whole of Wakanda unites with the Avengers… and the Guardians of the Galaxy… are here along with Stephen Strange and so many more we lost count! And they’re not here to let Thanos enjoy ‘our’ infinity stones!
Can directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo meet everyone's very wild expectations? Marvel fans all over the world are certainly hoping so.