33 and conquering, birthday bae Masaba Gupta drops her exclusive fragrance collection 'Sweet, Sweet Holidays!' and it's got us on the hook

Today is Masaba Gupta's 33rd birthday, and she planned to celebrate by taking over the world. Until a few years ago, she was recognized as the revolutionary print designer who broke into the scene more than 10 years ago via the Lakme Fashion week’s launchpad for fresh talent. The growth and success of Masaba across several sectors, however, tell a very different story today. The designer-turned-actor is surely making all those years of intense labour count by adding another feather to her hat. 

On her birthday, she dropped three new fragrances from her very own brand ‘LoveChild’. The brand-new collection is named ‘Sweet, Sweet Holidays!’ that will transport you to the best times. Let’s check them out.

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More than just a normal fancy bottle of any fragrance, Island Suit offers a spritz of confidence with woody and spicy notes of bergamot and patchouli, perfectly balanced with the sweetness of jasmine for the men who’d dress dapper, any time of the day and night. The cap of the bottle features Masaba’s signature and a palm mascot. Fascinating, isn’t it? 

Next, ‘Antiguan Decaf’ cherished alchemy of coffee and caramel, for modern women. This scent is said to be spiritual, sensual, maternal, and yet focused. Also, this bottle features a camera mascot and signature on the cap. Lastly, her final launch is with a toffee mascot, named ‘Nani House’. With the smell of white jasmine soaked in the aroma of Nani’s gajra reminiscing a typical weekend at Nani’s house.  

The very affordable new drops are worth cop as they are very reasonably priced and are vegan and cruelty-free. What are you waiting for then? Get your hands on these fragrances which are exclusively available on their site. 

(Source - Instagram)