Paris Fashion Week: Recreating Alexander McQueen's iconic fashion magic, Bella Hadid gets her dress spray-painted at Coperni show

The revolving doors of fashion trends are constantly in action. Seeing Kim Kardashian completely wrap herself in caution tapes for a Balenciaga show, or rapper Lizzo doing the same for the September 2022 cover of Elle UK, sometimes fashion can introduce us to some futuristic designs and trends. In the case of Bella Hadid, she walked onto the stage covering her hands with her breasts with her hand, and got her dress sprayed on her. Can’t believe right?  

On Friday, September 30, Coperni made magic on the Runway. Introducing the Spring 2023 collection at the Paris Fashion Week, where Kylie Jenner was in attendance, and honestly, that would’ve been enough to make it a good collection, Bella Hadid closed the show for the label in a tight, white, off-shoulder dress made for her in real-time from instant spray-on fabric. 

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It started with supermodel Bella slowly walking on the ramp of Coperni’s venue where two technicians were perched. Aimed the airbrush sprayers at her and the spray cannons’ barrels released layers upon layers of silicon-like goo that covered Hadid and finally took the form of a garment. And in front of the fascinated audience, a real dress slowly materialized.

Once the form-fitting dress was completed, an assistant cut the thigh to allow for motion and took the straps off Hadid’s shoulders as if to prove that this is indeed a dress and not just a trick. Isn’t that amazing? 

This legendary fashion scene brought to mind Alexander McQueen's Spring 1999 collection, which featured Shalom Harlow dancing on a wooden turntable while two robots were spray-painting her white off-the-shoulder dress with neon-yellow and black paint. Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, fashion designers, devoted their exhibition to "women of this world." 

Bella's dress took less than 10 minutes to finish. And she walked off the ramp leaving everyone in shock, she completely nailed the look with a sleek bun and white heels. One can apparently wash and re-wear the non-woven fabric. Coperni, named after Nicolaus Copernicus, said the theatrical demonstration was an example of a ‘futuristic fusion of science and fashion.’

Some iconic fashion moments on the runway stay forever. This fashion moment definitely left all of us stunned. What do you think?

(Source - Instagram / Twitter)