Julia Fox brings back the low rise wave in pop culture in an alarming fashion


Some may say it's bold, others may call it revolutionary, but one thing is for sure - Julia Fox really raised a lot of eyebrows with this one! From being an actress to transitioning to a DIY designer, Julia has popularized some really catchy yet influential concepts - including fashion's low-rise trend.

Is it delusional confidence or delusional optimism? Either way, Julia Fox had the last laugh after the low rise trend shook the internet. The fashion industry has been very unpredictable over the past two decades or so, and giants like the Kardashians, Rihanna, and Harry Styles have all brought about influential changes to the industry, but riding trends is a different gravy in itself - and the former Ye fling definitely took some inspiration from the Grammy winner himself and did just that!

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The Uncut Gems star has been making a mark with eccentric fashion choices since, she wore her lingerie under a long denim jacket along with denim boots to the supermarket, and the time when she taught how to make a cropped top out of a waistband from a pair of jeans. Surprisingly, Julia’s name began to trend.


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Recently, she was seen wearing the most daring look ever. 


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Matte black leather trousers or ‘beast trousers’ to say, Fox, paired ultra low-rise pants by Liza Keane with a black bikini top.  

Just when we all thought that the low-rise trend in pop culture had its wave, the ever-so-empowering Julia Fox became an unexpected yet bold face to its revival - and in fashion.

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