Good news, sneaker heads! Bille Eilish join hands with Nike to release a sustainable sneaker collection


When a Grammy winner joins forces with a sneaker giant to collaborate on sneakers, the end result has got to be kick-ass! Yes, Billie Eilish has partnered with Nike to release two sustainable shoes and our inner sneaker-geek is jumping with joy.

The duo has curated two Air Jordan styles that are backed by sustainability. These monochromatic sneakers are 100 percent vegan and made of 20 percent recycled materials. Way to give back to the environment.

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Not just this, Nike has paid an ode to Billie’s career through this collab as the shoes come in popping neon and beige colours- Ellish’s signature hues. The singer was first popular for her neon green hair and baggy loungewear which later evolved in blonde tresses and body-hugging outfits. The sneakers will also feature Billie’s stick person logo which she drew when she was 14. For the unversed, it has been featured on many of her past merchandise.

“These are the best shape with everything; with pants, with shorts, with skirts and with dresses. I love these shoes and I love the way they make your legs look,” The singer said in a video for Nike. “I love how they make you feel. You can kind of do anything in them. They’re gender-neutral, which I really love and you can be whoever and whatever you want in these, and with any shoe, because that’s your right and that’s the thing I would always talk about with shoes.”

The new Jordans are releasing first on Billie’s merchandise website on September 27 followed by Nike’s on September 30.