‘Gutti ka Khal’ to ‘Head & Shoulders’ shampoo, Mira Rajput Kapoor approved hacks for that luminous glow and long locks!


Apart from her sartorial sensibilities, the wife of actor Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput Kapoor is known for her flawless beauty. The wellness and style aficionado is often seen shelling out some hair and skincare tips to aid her followers in achieving the ‘look’ and today is one of those days when this style guru is back with her cheat-sheet to give us some more tips.

Making it a proper series, Mira has shared her hair and skincare routine with her followers. 



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Sharing yet another de-glam selfie, Mira gave an insight into her skincare rituals and the products she uses on daily basis. mixing 'Gutti ka Khal' from Pahadi Local (Apricot peel scrub) rose water and clay, Mira applies this fused mask on her face for about 7-8 minutes while doing some quick chores. When her skin reacts to the change of weather, Mira opts for a Rassa serum along with Tejal water (toner) to find the right balance to her skin, all from her favourite brand Forest Essentials. Further, she uses her go-to Date and Litchi cream which is suitable for all weather. Lastly, Mira opts for balmy lipstick to round off her flawless look. 



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Defining her hair type frizzy and dry, Mira shared some tips that work best for her. First up, she starts her haircare routine by dabbing Kama hair oil to her roots, 2-3 hours before washing her hair every time after three days. She then applies a Forest Essentials hair mask to the tips. As an alternative to the hair mask, Mira also goes for Walnut oil from Pahadi Local. Speaking about the shampoo, Mira found her comfort in easily available drugstore shampoo ‘Hair & Shoulders.’ “I always go for shampoos that are easily available,” she said in her video. Talking about the conditioning step, Mira doesn’t feel a need of one since the hair mask is working wonders for her already. Although this beaut is currently using her Olaplex conditioner. Mira then later dries her hair naturally by tying her hair in a half bun as she prefers her baby hair to ‘dry nicely.’

For the final finishing touches, the beaut has used the same Pahadi Local walnut hair oil on the tips. Mira closed the video by sharing a final hack on baby hair and it has to do with husband Shahid Kapoor! She admitted of using his beard brush on her baby hair and it proved to be a 'life-changer.' 

Now we know that our internet fam would not necessarily prefer these brands, but hey, it’s the product that matters. It’s time to make our own DIY skin and hair care rituals, isn’t it? Got some tips? Let us know!

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