We discovered we’re both suckers for fashion, food & travelling: Sandeep Khosla on his 3-decade-long journey with designer partner Abu Jani


Working for more than 3 decades in the fashion industry, founders of the label AJSK Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla have carved a niche for themselves in the fashion circuit. However, in a recent interview, designer Sandeep Khosla spilled the beans about his friendship with Abu, their love for fashion and some memorable instances from their 33-year-old long journey.

Khosla revealed that when they first met, the energy between them was magnetic and their goals and likes were uncannily similar. “When we first met, the energy between us was magnetic. Our goals were uncannily similar & we discovered we’re both suckers for fashion, food & traveling. Before we knew it, we were heading to town for pizza!”.


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He also reminisced the times that marked the start of our journey of creativity & friendship. Khosla also stated that they fit like puzzle pieces and balanced each other’s personalities out. “Abu was struggling with 2 jobs, so I offered to help -- that marked the start of our journey of creativity & friendship. We fit like puzzle pieces -he was the quiet one & I, the loud extrovert! But our differences made us balance each other out.”

Sandeep looked back upon the failures that they faced at the beginning but continued to embark upon this journey as they genuinely believed in their work. “Once, we presented 80 designs to a family - it was our first big initiative together. But our clients insulted our designs! I couldn’t take it. I got up & said, ‘Abu, they know nothing about fashion. Let’s leave.’ Abu was shocked, but then followed me out. We genuinely believed in our work, so we were blunt, but that’s what kept us going.”


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The ace designer concluded by saying what makes them best friends & successful business partners, is the fact that they are 2 parts of a whole. The fashion that they create is a combination of both their strengths brought together. Since they have already achieved so much on the national level, their goal is to expand internationally. “I think that’s what makes us best friends & successful business partners -- we’re 2 parts of a whole. Abu is a born artist & sketches like a dream. I don’t - my art happens in my head. On the other hand, I’m the communicator & the one who pushes. We blend so well - the fashion we create is a combination of what Abu and I bring to the table! And we’ve already achieved so much -- our boutique, label & many national awards - only because we’ve created something together. Now, our dream is to expand internationally & live on a Goan beach. I can’t imagine a future where Abu’s not in the picture -- because a friendship like this comes by only once in a lifetime; you must cherish it.”

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