Chitrangda Singh becomes a lockdown hairdresser, shares a DIY hairstyling video and tips to take care of your hair


Chitrangda Singh is an artist who is known to set new boundaries. Now that the coronavirus second wave has got everything under a standstill and the salons are shut, Chitrangda decided to take matters into her own hands and took to social media to showcase her styling skills with a DIY video where she gave herself a new haircut.

In the video, Chitrangda started with wet hair, and then she brushed and parted her tresses in two halves. She continued taking smaller sections of hair and started chopping and trimming the hair upwards, by matching the length to her jawline. Chitrangda repeats the same procedure on the other section ensuring that her hair looks equal.


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Once done with the main cut, the actress blow-dried her hair and applied a hair moisturizer to give it the final look. She warned in the video that this should be attempted only after gaining confidence in your skills. While styling her hair, she advised to keep the roller away from the skin. 

Even though Chitrangda mentioned that she’s not a pro in it, she handled her hirstyling expertly and managed to give herself a brand new look. 

(Source: Instagram)