'The thing is all Indians aren't smart': Comedian Vir Das gets candid on Conan O'Brien show


Ace comedian Vir Das recently made an appearance on Conan O'Brien show on Tuesday and he got candid on several topics including his American show Whiskey Cavalier. Thanking Conan for giving him a chance to do some stand up on his show, Vir talked about his role in Whiskey Cavalier, which shows him as a CIA agent. "I get to play a badass Indian guy who gets to put on a suit and is a weapons expert. I think it's important to show that Indians are capable of killing people. We play these lovable characters on American TV where we do your taxes and we fix your computer but when we do that stuff, we are thinking about killing you and my character does," he revealed.

When Vir was further prodded about Indians being generally made to play the stereotypical brainy guys, he quipped, "The thing is all Indians aren't smart. That's the thing you haven't figured out yet. Coz we only give smart Indians passports. You guys send out your stupid people out in the world. We send out smart Indians out into the world. 20 per cent of India is smart but 20 per cent of India is 98 per cent of most countries. So statistically speaking, we get away with it." As expected, Vir's answer left Conan and the audience in splits.


Tonight! Went back to Conan and did some couch time @teamcoco Thanks for having me guys!

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Not to forget, Vir had earlier appeared on Conan's show as well and took a dig at US President Donald Trump that time by reimagining Bohemian Rhapsody as a song about Trump.