Bold, brutally honest and strong headed! Why birthday star Hina Khan is not just any other 'TV actress'


Hina Khan, who became a household name by playing the role of Akshara Singhania in TV serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai, made her own space in the telly as well as the film industry with her dedication and hard work. Hina, who was considered as the 'sanskari bahu' for 8 long years, broke the image as soon as she entered Bigg Boss 11 in 2017. Even though the actress did not bag the winner's trophy, she sure impressed several people with her stint. Soon after Hina's BB journey, the actress was flooded with work - from tv to films to web. 

Apart from her acting skills, Hina is also known to be brutally honest when it comes to controversies. The actress speaks her mind out and makes sure to stand for what she feels is right. The actress never shies away from dishing out her opinion, good or bad. As the actress celebrates her 33rd birthday today, here are Hina's top 10 statements that prove she is not just any other 'TV' actress. 


Hina made her big debut at Cannes Film Festival 2019 and made heads turn with her appearance While Twitter was celebrating her appearance and appreciating her look, Filmfare editor Jitesh Pillai passed a rather snide remark at her debut. Posting a story on his Instagram handle, in which he shared a picture of Hina posing on the Cannes red carpet, he captioned it as, "Cannes has suddenly become Chandivali studios?" His comment sparked a row as television actors came out in support of Hina, slamming Pillai for his remarks. Later, Hina responded to the controversy, giving a befitting reply, calling herself a "proud outsider from my Chandiwali Studios." She tweeted, "I was persistent, I m constant n I will b efficient again n again again. Don’t know where I belong, don’t know if I have to, as d Place don’t define me! Bcause as always I will work my a** off n I will make my own PLACE. My promise,a proud outsider from my Chandiwali studios." Well, that's what you call 'in your face'. 


Hina felt that television actors are discriminated against in the film industry. She called for equal opportunities for television stars to prove themselves in Bollywood. In an interview with IANS, Hina opened up about nepotism and said that it exists in other industries as well. “If you are a star and you want to launch your kid, it’s absolutely okay. But, it is not fair when you don’t give an equal chance to outsiders. TV actors hardly make it big in Bollywood, just because we don’t get a fair chance. At least, give us a chance to prove ourselves.” This was not the first time the actress spoke about nepotism. Time and again, Hina has made it very clear that discrimination does exist in the industry.


Hina had once revealed how Indian fashion designers where hesitant to give her their labelled outfits as they thought she would not be able to carry it well, being a TV star. She had said, "I don't know why people in India look down upon TV actors. I remember how international designers helped me instead of Indian designers, during my Cannes debut. In the West, TV actors are treated with dignity, but it is the opposite here. Many people here do not want to work with us. I don't understand the reason behind it. Are we beneath them or are they insecure of our talent? I hope things change in our industry as soon as possible," Hina emphasised.


Hina had once said that if she had gotten equal opportunities, even she would be 'holding a Filmfare award'. She had said, "Of course, it is difficult for TV actors. Forget about work, television actors are not even considered when it comes to donning an outfit for a big designer. For me, things have changed because I went to Cannes (in 2019), and I am in touch with a lot of top designers. But usse pehle aisa nahin hota tha. Even to walk the red carpet there, I went through a struggle. Some feel TV actors utne professional nahin hote hain, but I don’t think they should be judged that way. If I had got big opportunities, even I would have done something magical by now, and would have been holding a Filmfare Award in my hand."


Hina was once compared to Shivangi Joshi, who now plays the lead role in YRKKH. The actress had said such comparisons are uncalled for in such gloomy times and asked everyone to be appreciative of where Shivangi and she have reached in life. The actress also praised Shivangi Joshi in her post and shared how they must rise above such trivial things. Hina wrote sternly, "We must encourage and appreciate craft over petty nonsense."


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several actors opened up about non-payment of dues from TV producers. Hina Khan s told about the remaining actors who are not getting their payment. She has targeted the producers. In a conversation with media, Hina has said "This is going very wrong. The cast and crew of the serial are upset about the payment. I think it is not the actors but the producers who should face it. Producers should at least pay them of their salary".


On her real side being out on BB11, Hina had said that she was happy about it. She told, "Absolutely, my real side came out. No one is flawless and I am happy that when I came out of the Bigg Boss house, people could relate to me. My fashion sense was appreciated, and viewers were surprised by it, because they had seen me in a particular get-up for years. That really changed the game for me."


Talking about the reception of her debut film Hacked, which left her disappointed, she had said, “Recently Kareena (Kapoor Khan) spoke up about nepotism and said quite bluntly, ‘If people feel there is so much nepotism, then don’t watch our films’. I agree that it’s the audiences, who decide what they want to watch- be it movies of star kids or newcomers or others. We make so much effort to get our movies into theatres but if we don’t get enough audiences, then blaming nepotism doesn’t help. People didn’t watch my debut film Hacked in theatres, because it didn’t star a big star’s daughter. Hacked was one of the top-most watched films during the lockdown on OTT. I want to urge the audiences to give us a chance to make it a level-playing field. Bollywood mafia insider-outsider- these debates will end if audiences give us equal opportunities.”


Hina revealed that as an outsider, she needs to work very hard to get noticed. "Everyone has their own share of struggles. Some have to struggle more, some less. There are a lot of factors behind it. If I talk about myself, I have done TV, films, web series, music videos and now I am doing a digital film. I am giving my best because I know that I will have to perform well in all my films then someone might notice me. We need to work very hard to get noticed by a big producer or director," said Hina. Speaking on nepotism, Hina had said, "Star kids or people who are from the industry have the privilege. They won't be affected if one of their films don't work but if I sign one big film and it doesn't work, I won't get another chance. The only difference is, no matter their films work or not, they have back to back films." She also pointed out that because these star kids get so many chances, they get to work on their skills, which betters with time. However, outsiders don't get a chance to hone their skills.


Hina had blamed Salman Khan and Bigg Boss 11 team for partiality. The actress had openly said that host Salman was being unfair and was supporting only  few people. She had openly said, "Arey bhai, yeh inhi ka show hai, inhi se chalega. Saaf saaf pata chal raha hai. (You don’t know, Bigg Boss is all about Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde. It will continue to be about them. It is so obvious now!)" 

Well, the above statements definitely show that Hina fears nobody and lives life on her own terms. Wishing the actress, a very happy birthday!