The man in whose flat Khan launched Bigg Boss 11!


  1. Salman Khan launched Bigg Boss 11 today amidst much gung-ho in Mumbai. In the presence of media and fans, bhai, instead of walking into the center stage, launched his latest reality show from an under renovation flat in Oshiwara. met the man in whose flat bhaijaan walked in last minute and decided to kickstart the controversial show.

Yatindra Pal, Secretary of Tarapore Garden, Oshiwara, is the lucky man. In an exclusive chat with us, Pal expressed his excitement. "Salman entered the lift and walked into my under renovation flat and waved out the crowd and media persons. He was cordial and took a selfie with my family. I am the luckiest man since Salman has blessed my home. It is like a housewarming for me!" said Pal, who was visibly enthusiastic about sharing his experience.

Khan, who launched BB11 today, considers the show as one of the most difficult ones that he has ever done, "It is a very difficult show to host and for contestants too. They have to play the game with a lot of patience, willpower, keeping sensibilities in mind. There are tasks involved which sometimes go on for 48 hours. They have to stay with limited food, use the same loo. There are gossips, fights and they have to survive all that."

Khan even got candid when he admitted that Bigg Boss will not get any TRPs if he stops hosting it. But he later thanked the makers and the channel for letting him don the cap of a host for yet another season!

Bigg Boss 11 will go on air from October 1st. The show has 'neighbours' as a theme this time and names of celebrities like Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta, Vikrant Singh Rajpoot in its celebrity lineup. Salman claimed that he has best padosis in the world as his neighbours are his parents!