Red to yellow to blue, Birthday Star Varun Dhawan's style is close to reaching the rainbow goal!


Is the temperature rising because summer’s right around the corner or because the world knows that it’s Varun Dhawan’s birthday? We think it’s the latter. Another year around the sun and this man hasn’t slowed down on his mission to reign our hearts as he grows hotter each year, it’s almost unfair! He is a talented actor, a fantastic dancer, but most importantly, just one color, Indigo being the only color missing, away from being a complete rainbow with his fashion choice!  

So, on his 34th birthday, let’s look back at this handsome actor’s wardrobe choices which will give him the title ‘the king of VIBGYOR!’

 Red Hot


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Let’s start with one of the most vibrant colors out there, red. This hot man can surely look chili hot in red.


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Orange Candy

This man candy rocks orange like no one else!

Sunshine Yellow

Just like the summer season, the actor is as bright as the sun in his yellow outfits.

Green Sheen


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A cool color like green looks just as cool on Varun.


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Blue Delight

Blue is just as much of a fun color on him, as much as it is for us to see him in it.

Purple Trouble

An absolute hottie, what colour can he NOT work?

And as a random surprise, here are some shirtless pictures, just some fun.

We got you, guys. We got you.

Happy 34th birthday Varun Dhawan! Hope you have a happy and safe birthday.

P.S. Indigo next, please!

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