Meher Castelino takes a humorous look at fashion with her book 'Fashion Musings'


When things were not virtual you spotted her sitting in the second row, diligently jotting down points in her old-fashioned notebook as the models sashayed down the ramp and into your heart. We’re talking about Meher Castelino at Lakme Fashion Week down the years. For the unversed, Meher Castelino is India’s pioneering fashion chronicler. She was Femina Miss India 1964 and went on to be a famous commercial and catwalk model and then Fashion Editor of magazines

Well, the lady’s passion for fashion has been constant for over four decades, much before the start of the several fashion weeks in the country. The designers, their creativity, numerous brands, fashion shows, vagaries of the business and at times crazy happenings in the foreground and background have fascinated her. And so it was but natural that she would release a paperback book, titled Fashion Musings, covering the exciting events of the fashion and glamour world written in a humorous manner with a pinch of salt. It showcases the quirky behaviour of the fashion fraternity with a slightly exaggerated expose of the stories behind the glitz and the glamour.


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Divided into various segments, this book gives lovers of fashion and the starry-eyed ones a kaleidoscope view of what really happens on and off the ramp as also the goings-on in the glamour world.

Yes, Fashion Musings by Meher Castelino takes a humorous, saucy, cheeky, tongue-in-cheek look at the fashion, beauty and film world written in an unconventional Q & A format, making it easy reading and easy to read in between the lines!