Honey-haldi facemask to coconut oil based hair gel, Mira Rajput Kapoor approved DIY hacks for flawless skin and lustrous mane straight from the kitchen!


Apart from her sartorial sensibilities, the wife of actor Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput Kapoor is known for her flawless beauty. The wellness and style aficionado is often seen shelling out some hair and skin care tips to aid her followers in achieving the ‘look’ and today is one of those days when this style guru is back with her cheat-sheet to give us some more tips straight from her kitchen.

In an AMA session, many of her fashionista followers asked her to shell out tips for her winter skincare regime. Mira revealed that she has been mixing and matching packs and potions from the kitchen from the age of 14 and it has worked wonders for her to date. Giving a disclaimer to her fans that this might not be as effective for some people as it is for her, it’s better to do a patch test first to check the possibility of allergies and reactions. Check out some of her DIY hacks below:


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Honey and Haldi

Honey is a natural humectant and haldi is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Mira uses this face pack for zits or when she has a ‘muddy looking skin’. She mixes a pinch of haldi and pure honey and let it sit on her face for 20 minutes for a supple look.

Raw Milk

According to Mira, this ‘family favourite’ ingredient is her as well as her mother’s go-to remedy for almost everything. Be it a sunburn, uneven tan or dry or flaky skin, raw milk works its way around all of it. All one needs to do is take three tablespoons of raw milk and dab it on your face with the help of cotton. As soon as it dries up, repeat the process till you finish all the milk that you have. To neutralize the smell of raw milk, Mira adds a little bit of rose water to it. Mira suggested her fans to do this every morning for a squeaky clean face.

DIY Facial

This is more than a ritual than a face pack or potion that Mira swears by. First, she cuts a lemon and applies it all over face. Once done, she puts on a home-made face mask which is basically a mixture of besan and dahi (curd). One can also add other ingredients like orange peel, sandalwood, Neem powder, saffron, rose water, etc depending on its availability. Once semi-dried, she then removes the mask and applies tomato juice for ten minutes and finally finishes her ritual by applying aloe vera to her face for toned and tightened skin.

DIY Hair Oil

For a lustrous, healthy mane, Mira adds 7-8 hibiscus leaves, curry leaves and methi seeds to coconut oil and brings it to a boil. Once cooled, she stores it in a bottle and applies it whenever needed. One can also add Amla powder, Neem powder, Bhramhi to this mixture depending upon the availability.

Hair Mask

For a hair mask, Mira boils half a cup of flax seeds in a pan of water and heats it till it comes to a gel-like consistency. Post straining the mixture, she then uses it on her roots as a hair mask. It can also be used as a hair gel.

Mask for Zits

This is a super quick hack for Zits just when one is supposed to go out for something important. For this, she steeps basil in water, cools it down and dabs it on the acne or the zit with a piece of cotton. Though it might not make it completely gone, it sure reduces the redness and the bump.

Well, we can’t wait to try them all. What about you?

(Source- Instagram)