Bella Hadid’s super crop top and Tiger Shroff’s extra long denim: Badass fashion trends for the win

Fashion trends can be an abstract concept that can take minutes to turn into a viral rage when sported by a famous celebrity. Majorly based on one’s comfort and ability to pull off any silhouette with style, these trends turn quickly into fashion statements. And seems like the flavor of the season is an extreme look these days. Extremely comfortable to extremely risky, there’s just no in-between. Wondering what makes us say that? We are glad that you asked!

Supermodel Bella Hadid and our action man Tiger Shroff recently made respective appearances that were quite contrasting to each other. While Bella’s super crop top refused to go to some lengths, Tiger and his elongated denim couldn’t keep it short!


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Taking the streets of NYC by a sartorial storm, Hadid rocked a mellow yellow underwire polo from Mirror Palais and teamed it with a low waist baggy pants accentuating those envy-worthy curves. Ooh mama, now that’s some risky business!

Tiger on the other hand brought back quite an old trend and showed us nothing is done and dusted when it comes to reviving the good old fashion.

He stepped out in the burbs teaming up his light grey zipper and denim fanny pack with a pair of elongated denim. Say what?

These opposites are attracting on our fashion charts for sure. ‘Long’ story ‘short’, fashion trends can be ‘extremely’ catchy at times *wink wink*

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