The ‘Vamp in Vogue’! Fashion-indulging ‘Komo’ moments of birthday star Aamna Sharif that will make you go ‘Nikaaa’


Rejoice fashionistas, television’s sexiest vamp Komolika, a.k.a Aamna Sharif turns a year older and bolder but continues to age in reverse. Due credits to series like Kahiin To Hoga and now Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Sharif is known as the telly world’s most popular style icon and fitness enthusiast. Post her pregnancy and baby (Arain, age 4), Aamna shed oodles of weight and dropped our jaws with her envy-worthy curves.

On or off the screen, Aamna is definitely a fashion figure that we all look up to. While Aamna manages to allure us with her sophisticated looks in dainty gowns, serene ethnics, and chic casuals, her on-screen avatar of Komolika, gets us gaping at her OTT looks. In an exclusive chat with PeepingMoon, she mentioned that she has her input in deciding Komolika’s voguishly vamp looks. Well, we don’t doubt it!

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With all the possible adah and nikaaa nakhra, she surely gets us reeling in the feels with her sexy sartorial picks and unique choice of accessories. Drapes with statement belts, billowy sleeves or boho chokers and dainty nose pins, that's something unique and charming about all her on-screen looks. C’mon, you’d be lying if you say you are not hooked on to your idiot boxes like a couch potato at 8 PM to get a glimpse of this beaut and her sexy style.

So, as our beloved ‘voguish vamp’ rings in her 38th birthday today, here are some of ‘Komo’ looks that will make anyone go Nikaaaa…


winged sarees with statement belts? Yes please!


Nikaaaa intensifies!


Isn't she a BEAUT?


Damn, those adaahs...

Happy Birthday, Aamna! We can't wait to see more of you and your sexy 'Komo' archives…