House Of Masaba breaks barriers by honouring the LGBT community with its newest Valentine's collection 'Pyaar Kiya Toh Gender Kya'!


Love knows no bounds & it doesn’t fit into any fixed dimensions. Love is about expressing, embracing, & just chasing the feeling. Unfazed by labels, it’s limitless & the termination of article 377 just proved that love will triumph all!

As a brand, House of Masaba has always believed in mending the rules & standing out!! This year the clothing brand decided to celebrate the brave souls who aren’t afraid to love & show it too.


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Having found a rainbow in a rather grey cloud, #PyarKiyaTohGenderKya expresses love in all its glory with model Shruti Venkatesh & her partner, Haima Simoes, along with designer Masaba Gupta’s friend Anisha Sharma & her partner Bhakti. 

This campaign shows a  glimpse of the love that doesn’t fit any specific definition, love that is tailor-made by real people. After all, Pyar Kiya Toh Gender Kya!

Love is in the air!

(Picture Source-Instagram, House of Masaba)