PeepingMoon Exclusive: Addite Shirwaikar Malik & I had decided to start a family in 2 years, but this came as a surprise- Mohit Malik


Television's power couple Mohit Malik and Addite Shirwaikar Malik are all set to become a family of three in the month of May. Interestingly, Mohit and Addite will be celebrating their 11th year anniversary in 2021 too. The couple, who were co-stars in the show titled Miilee (2005), tied the knot in December 2010. Mohit, an actor, and Addite, an actress and now an entrepreneur, are all charged up to welcome the little one into this world. 

The star couple, who is quite active on Instagram, are delighting their fans with some adorable pictures before welcoming the child. From a private yet warm godh bharai ceremony that took place according to Maharashtrian rituals to a stunning photoshoot at home, Mohit is making sure Addite remains positive and happy in stressful times. As the couple gears up for the baby's arrival, got in touch with daddy-to-be Mohit for a heart-to-heart conversation. 

Talking about Addite's unplanned pregnancy, Mohit said it has come as a blessing in their lives. Crediting his wife for his growth as a human being over the years, Mohit told there are many qualities that he has imbibed from her in the last 11 years of marriage. He further added that after the baby arrives, he and Addite will try to respond to different situations rather than just react. 

Excerpts from the conversation:  

You’ll be completing 11 years of marriage in 2021. How have you both evolved as individuals, beyond the identity of Mr and Mrs?

Addite and I have evolved a lot. When I look back, I was scattered and immature before marrying her. Now, 11 years later, I am more sorted. I am blessed to have Addite, she plays a huge role in my personal and professional growth. Addite has always been more mature, she never had any issues but I did. I worked on them with Addite and without her support, it wouldn't have happened. Marriage is all about two individuals helping each other become the better version. Addite plays a major role in what I am today. The growth is still on. We keep on working on ourselves. There are many qualities I have imbibed from Addite and vice versa. I have grown as a human being. I don’t know mera kya hota agar Addite meri zindagi mein na hoti toh

Now, as we are stepping into a new chapter, it is more important to work on ourselves. So this is a journey of self-awareness and self-growth. 

Did your family put any kind of pressure to start a family right after your marriage? 

My parents were always chilled out. Though I did feel the pressure from my chachis and mamis who are always after your life ki baby ab karo tab karo. When we got married, it was too early for me to start a family. Addite and I had to work on your careers. It was a mutual decision. Also, Addite’s pregnancy wasn’t planned. It came like a blessing. We both decided to go for it next year because my last two years have been very stressful. Earlier I was shooting for Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala and then my father-in-law was diagnosed with some disease. He was in and out of the hospital for therapies and radiation. So, then we decided to start a family in the next two years but this came as a surprise.  

Pregnancy during lockdown can be challenging. How are you both dealing with it?

People ask me if I am scared. But my excitement is larger than the fear. But Addite watches a lot of news so she gets stressed. Now, I am not allowing her to do that. She is stressed but I am not. I have become accustomed to the fear, it is like background music. We have to accept it now and continue. COVID-19 is not going to go away soon.

You had tested positive for COVID-19. How mentally difficult was that phase for both?

It was difficult and very frustrating. Going through COVID-19 isn't easy. You’ll have to be in a room all alone, in isolation, can’t see the people you love, can’t touch them or get closer to them. I was shooting regularly and when I got tested, I was scared for Addite. We were travelling, shared the same meal and I got tested positive. When she tested negative, I was so relieved. The first few days were really stressful for both of us. The first week was easier, later it became frustrating. It is like a tunnel with no light in the end. It seems to be never-ending. I remember coming out of the room and seeing Addite. So, to keep her positive, I had to pretend to be happy and had a smile on my face in front of her so that she doesn't stress out.   

Can you call the baby your own silver lining in the dark COVID-19 phase?

More than a silver lining, it is a blessing. Majorly for my father-in-law. Since the day he got the news, he is motivated to get alright. 2020 was tough for him. He had surgery, went through radiations etc. Now, it is a big blessing as he is motivated to get back on his feet and he is getting better. 

Have you decided on any name for the baby? 

I can’t reveal it right now.

What are the precautions you are taking?

We are masking up, maintaining social distancing and I am not allowing anyone to visit Addite. I don’t go anywhere, I’m at home. Last week, my mom flew down from Delhi. Even she was quarantined. People who are working outside aren't allowed. I am with Addite and cater to what she wants to see, watch and do. You also have to sacrifice a lot of things (smiles). 

When we go to the clinic for Addite’s check-ups, we take utmost care. Later, when she delivers, koi jaldi nahi aa payega mere ghar pe.    

There is a lot of negativity in society. What kind of atmosphere will you try to create for the little one? 

Negativity is in the atmosphere and it also enters you at times. Both Addite and I have been working on ourselves. Whenever I feel negative, or behaving in a certain way, she always pinpoints. I think a baby really learns when he or she watches you. They don’t learn what you teach them. We both try to keep all sorts of negativity away. But we are also humans, we tend to feel dull. From Instagram to news channels, there is negativity all around. We have to keep ourselves safe and protected. Addite and I keep telling each other when we go wrong. That’s the beauty of being married. The first 4 years of the baby are crucial. One cannot become a parent without knowing anything. People have experienced parenthood and have written books which I am reading now. I don’t want to give the same upbringing that I had. I want to be different and both of us are on the same page. We keep updating and reinventing ourselves. 

Has Addite's pregnancy and parenthood changed the way you behave and look at life?

Parenthood completely changes your perspective towards life, people, events and situations. It is a great thing to experience. Once the baby is out, Addite aur main apne aap ko jitna behtar kar sakta hai utna karenge be it in perceiving the world or handling different situations. Kai baar hum bohot jaldi react kar jaate hai. Now, more than reacting we should respond to things. I feel main 30 saalon pe cheezo pe react karte aa raha hu. Now, we are also spiritually inclined and we would like to give our child the same spiritual backup.