Sukesh Chandrashekhar promises iPhone 15 Pro giveaway for Jacqueline Fernandez's fans ahead of her birthday

Alleged conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar, currently imprisoned in connection with a 200 crore extortion case, has penned a fresh letter to actress Jacqueline Fernandez, with whom he was reportedly in a relationship. In the letter, Sukesh expressed his excitement for Jacqueline's upcoming birthday on August 11th and announced a special gift for her fans.

Addressing Jacqueline affectionately as "My Bomma," Sukesh wrote, "Baby girl, so super excited the countdown has begun, 30 days for your birthday, can’t wait, it’s my favorite day of the year, a celebration that I enjoy, seeing your pretty smile, which is the only thing that melts my heart." He also mentioned being captivated by her song, Yimmy Yimmy.

Sukesh went on to describe his feelings for Jacqueline, saying, "I have an amazing 'hangover' about you, the way you speak, your smile, your hugs, cuddles, your love for me, your anger which disappears in seconds, your eyes, every single thing. It’s a 'hangover' and 'hangover' which will remain all my life, and I want this 'hangover' even when we are together."

He expressed his anticipation for their future together, adding, "Baby it’s hardly a matter of days now, will be walking out, clean, from all the baseless, motivated charges. What I am only looking forward to is us being madly in love together." Sukesh also hinted at a future holiday with Jacqueline, noting that his private jet still bears the initials "JFS."

In a gesture to Jacqueline's fans, Sukesh announced that he will be gifting 100 iPhone 15 Pros to fans supporting her song Yimmy Yimmy. He urged fans to continue making the song a "blockbuster, chartbuster, breaking all records."

Sukesh also dedicated the song Tauba Tauba by Karan Aujla to Jacqueline, expressing his love and excitement for her upcoming birthday.

Amid his declarations, Sukesh's legal battles continue. Last week, the Bombay High Court granted him bail in a multi-crore fraud case from 2015, citing his prolonged incarceration of seven years and 10 months. However, Sukesh remains in Delhi prison due to multiple ongoing fraud and money-laundering cases investigated by the Enforcement Directorate (ED).

As the legal proceedings unfold, Sukesh's letter showcases a mix of personal devotion and public declarations, adding another layer of intrigue to the ongoing saga involving him and Jacqueline Fernandez.