Farhan Akhtar to make film on Indian Army: We are in the process


Farhan Akhtar’s ‘Lakshya’ which starred Hrithik Roshan recently marked 20 years from its release. The film also starred Preity  Zinta and was a humongous box office success back during its release. The film was also re-released in the theatres on the occasion of being for two decades. In a recent interview, the filmmaker and actor went on to confirm that he is in process of making another film on an Indian Army. He agreed that it’s definitely on his upcoming plans and he is currently putting up the things together to bring it. He also shared that the audience can expect an announcement about it soon. 

Farhan said, said, "We are in the process of putting one such film together. I would imagine that within a very short period of time, I would say at the most a couple of weeks, we will probably make some kind of
announcement regarding that film. But it is feeling really good to kind of go back and revisit mentally and emotionally, that same phase. So, I am looking forward to it."

Ritesh Sidhwani also spoke about the film and recalled the time of shooting it. He said, "The chief of the army remember that time was General Vij Who gave us the permission to shoot the film and did everything for it. I remember after the film was made, he personally gave Hrithik, Farhan and me, these personal kind of awards that they had won and it is there in my room even till today. That itself means that we have done something right. He told us this personally that there is no film ever made which was perfect and depicted army in its correct light. “

Farhan is also set to bring back ‘Don’ franchise which he announced last year. Ranveer Singh will take forward the role this time after Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. There was a mixed response from the audience on the announcement. Whereas some welcomed the actor, some responded with having a mixed feeling if he would be able to take the legacy forward of the much loved franchise. 

Source: Pinkvilla