Imran Khan on Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal: It got a fair bit of action

Imran Khan has been on a sabbatical from acting after he appeared alongside Kangana Ranaut in 2015's film 'Katti Batti.' Ever since the actor has been absent from the limelight and wasn't active on social media as well.

However, Imran returned last year and began operating his Instagram handle on which he often gets engaged in the conversations with his fans. 

Following, fans have been wondering if the actor is set to make a comeback to acting.

In one of his earlier interviews, Imran did give a nod about his plans to get back to work but he also shared that he is very 'sensitive' about what content he is getting and he hasn't come across anything which made him say 'yes' up till now.

The actor further mentioned that he doesn't believe in 'solving the problems with a gun' in the films. After his comment, many thought that Imran was referring to Sandeep Reedy Vanga's directorial 'Animal' which featured Ranbir Kapoor in the lead.

But in a recent interview, the actor clarified that he didn't mean any particular film when he said that.

Imran said, “I am now consciously wanting to get to work, wanting to find something interesting to work on”.
“It’s easy to live in this Bollywood bubble where you start to buy into that narrative and to start to that world view that box office is king and how is it received and all of that. What that does ultimately it devalues what I genuinely cherish.”

“I am currently very sensitive and sensitised to that sort of to bleakness, to darkness, to violence and gore, it overwhelms me."

On being asked about "Animal," the actor said he is yet to watch the film and can't criticise it. He replied, "It looks like it’s got a fair bit of action."

Source: Zoom and Film Companion