Aayush Sharma recalls the rumours of his divorce: I and Arpita had a good laugh over it

Aayush Sharma who is about to complete a decade of his married life with Arpita Khan, recently recalled the time he was questioned by the paparazzi if he was going to divorce which made him anxious for a while.

He recalled stepping out with his son to get some snacks when he was asked the same. The actor admitted he was hesitant for a while and even asked Arpita if she wanted to take any such step once he got home.

He said, “When I came back home, I asked Arpita if she was going to divorce me. And we had a good laugh over it.”

Aayush further admitted that Arpita has always been a pillar of support for him.

He added, “She’s a very critical person. While watching my films, she gets into the continuity. If there’s a continuity jerk, she’ll have a problem.”

“She gets into the colour combination of the clothes I’m wearing and questions why certain scenes look a certain way and why my character did what he did. If she doesn’t like something, she tells me to take that bit out.”

On the work front, the actor was last seen in 'Ruslaan' which released on April 26. 

Source: News 18