Ayushmann Khurrana visits the New Parliament: It’s a moment that I will never forget

Ayushmann Khurrana visited the New Parliament that was recently inaugurated by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. He took a guided tour of the Parliament and witnessed the architectural marvel that has been constructed as a symbol of our country’s shining democracy.

The actor said, "It was an honour to visit the Parliament. As a proud citizen of this country, it’s a moment that I will never forget. I found the experience of visiting the new Parliament extremely enriching. The Parliament is representative of the people of our country so it was a really proud moment for me to walk around the haloed Parliament and learn so much about it."

The new Parliament integrates the most unique elements of India’s heritage with sculptures from different parts of India, carpets made in Uttar Pradesh, to the 36 kg Foucault pendulum from Kolkata, exploring the Parliament was like going to a cultural class for Ayushmann.

Ayushmann added, "It is a sight for the eyes as it also showcases the amazing heritage of our country, our cultural history and the brilliant craftsmanship of India. It's filled with art from across the country as I think about 400 artisans have been featured here! I’m thrilled to have got this massive opportunity to witness the Parliament first hand."