Animal's beast! Ranbir Kapoor adds Bentley Continental worth Rs. 8 crores to his car collection!

Sandeep Reddy Vanga's Animal broke the box office in December last year. The film catapulted Ranbir Kapoor as the new-age raw anti-hero. Now, as the Animal rampage continues on OTT, Ranbir reportedly purchased a swanky new Bentley Continental car.

Today, Ranbir was spotted driving the jet-black Bentley Continental in the city. According to reports, the car is worth 8 crores. The actor was seen driving his new beast alone. He was clicked in casual clothes. 


As per reports, Ranbir owns a Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography ( 3.27 crore), an Audi A8 L ( 1.71 crore), a Mercedes-AMG G 63 ( 2.28 crore), an Audi R8 ( 2.72 crore). Not just him, Alia Bhatt is also fond of cars. Her collection includes a Land Rover- Range Rover Vogue ( 2.8 crore), an Audi A6 ( 70 lakh), a BMW 7-Series ( 1.8 crore), an Audi Q5 ( 79 lakh), and an Audi Q7 (94 lakh).