Raashii Khanna and Vikrant Massey to co-star in not just one but two films!

Raashii Khanna and Vikrant Massey are all set to star together in not one but two upcoming back-to-back films! Fans are buzzing with anticipation as the prospect of witnessing the chemistry unfold between these two talented actors.

The first of the pair is an untitled project referred to as TME. The movie directed by Bodhayan Roy Chaudhury is expected to be released this year soon. 

On the other hand, a newly announced film, The Sabarmati Report, is a project backed by Ektaa Kapoor. It is a riveting journey into the 2002 incident that left an indelible mark on the entire nation!

As the curtain rises on these two movies, fans are eagerly staying tuned for updates and glimpses into the creative chemistry that Raashii Khanna and Vikrant Massey are sure to deliver.