Ranbir Kapoor gets summoned by ED in online betting app, names of other actors in the list too

Ranbir Kapoor and few other celebs have recently been summoned for promoting an online betting app. As per the reports, the actor has been summoned by ED and has to appear in the office on October 6 before ED for the same. 

The officials are trying to figure out meanwhile if the actor is responsible for promoting it and how much he was paid for the same.
It all began after the actor along with other celebrities including renowned B-Town singers and comedians, attended a wedding of Sourabh Chandrakar who is the co-promoter of the online gaming betting app. Accordingly, the celebrities who performed at the wedding were paid a huge amount of money through the dubious transactions. One of the officials of ED mentioned, “Chandrakar and MOB platform’s other promoter Ravi Uppal have created an empire for themselves in the UAE. The sudden and illegal riches are being openly flaunted by them.”

The list included names of other celebrities too, who might be summoned later. Some of the names that came out were: Tiger Shroff, Sunny Leone, Elli Avrram and others.

On the work front Ranbir is all set for his upcoming film Animal which is all set to release on December 1.

Source: ANI and PTI